Monday, 26 September 2016

Noah's Ark - Week 8

Today we get to carry on with our Noah's Ark Art Quilt. yaaaay!

We will be discussing Week 8 today

Our photos are from Ulrike Brandl of Germany. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

You will need Pattern pieces: CQ - DH and  DY - EC

This piece with the cute Elephand and the rest of the Panda's body is just sooooo cute!!
I especially love these batiks.

Once you have finished joining the Week 8 to the previous sections (Week 6 & 7).

You can also go ahead and join this section to the piece from Week 1; 2 & 3.

Now you get to see how this Art Quilt is taking shape and so dang cute it can make you cry...

I hope you are all enjoying the experience and just as excited about it as I am.

** The pattern for Noah's Ark can be found here


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Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Fun Day

Wow, this week has flown by....
I remember Monday ....

and then this morning I woke up and had to spend a few moments wondering "what day is it?"  My mind was convinced its around Wednesday somewhere.....
But no.....

and that means
Its time for some FUN!!!

Meet Number 3 of our Spooky Mug Rug patterns....

This one looks a little angrier than the others, but not to worry, he's just as cute!!

The block measures 8" (21cm) and is also on the Intermediate level.

Grab up your cute Spooky Mug Rug from my Craftsy Shop - available FREE on the week-end.

Next week Friday we will have another Link Up and see how you're doing with the Wonky Stockings......big giveaways....

I also want to take the time to say a HUGE BIG Thank You to everyone who visited yesterday and left a comment on the Row A Long.
Thanks so much for all the love!!

* Row a Long pattern is also FREE and available to grab it up.
Scroll to yesterday's post and you can see it in all its glory.

Really glad so many people love the patterns. I hope you all enjoy sewing them.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Long Road Home Row A Long

 Hello and Welcome everyone!

Today is my turn for the Row a Long that is hosted
by Seams to be Sew and Sew Incredibly Crazy

40 designers, from all over the world, creating quilt rows representing HOME to each of them. Thanks and more thanks to both of you. And a big thank you to the many sponsors who have supplied the giveaways for the duration of this Row Along.

The row that I have designed is an African Sunset with wild animals walking in the veld.

I live in Pretoria (South Africa) now which is a big city and although there are a lot of wide open spaces, we only see animals in the zoo or if we travel to the National Game Reserve (Kruger Park).

My husband and I both love the bushveld and the animals so much and we're always looking for time to go and spend at the Park. It brings such a sense of peace and always helps to unwind from the stress of work. I always call it my second home, so that is why I've made this row for all of you.

The row is Paper Pieced and measures 12" x 40" (31cm x 1029cm) and is on the Intermediate level.

My good friend Ulrike Brandl of Germany also tested the row for me and she let me use some of her photo's too. Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it.

Here you can see Ulrike made a Key for her fabrics. I really tried to keep it at a minimum because the bushveld is all really very plain and the sunsets are very vivid and sometimes looks as if the sky is on fire.

The row consists of 3 parts

The first is the Elephants moving off in the distance. Although I love to watch them and see their babies, Im really scared of being close to these amazing animals.

The yellowish-orange colour behind them is only the glow of the sun. The setting sun is on the second part behind the Giraffe.

This is a closer view of my elephants and the Thorn tree which is found in the bushveld too. As they get older they form a flat looking top, so they almost look like they're an umbrella.

The Giraffe is the second part of the row. The animal is walking towards the right but looking back at the sun.
I love to look at these gentle giants. They have the most unusual faces but are also still a strong favourite.

This is my Giraffe block. Once done, you can join the two blocks together.

I was going to only make the 2 blocks and the row would have been a lot shorter, but I felt it needed another part to really end it off a lot better.
You will notice that I designed the Meerkat family on the rock later and then just included it in the PDF pattern. They do fit together once they're sewn.

 Here you can see how Ulrike took the two images of the row and wrote onto it to show herself which fabic to use for the last block so that it would match.

This little Meerkat family is watching the sunset from their rock. In front of them is Baobab trees that are catching the last of the light.
These trees are the most interesting to see, because they always look as if they have been melting in the sun. When they are young trees they are tall and straight with the smoothest bark you ever saw.

The small group of Meerkat is a little tight and if you feel you won't be able to manage, then leave them out. You will see that they are in one section and you could easily just make that plain.

Here is my completed row of the African Sunset.

I must show you all Ulrike's blocks that she made - they are so beautiful!

I love the batiks she used for the sky

I really hope you enjoy sewing your rows and that this one will inspire you to try new things too.
The pattern prints to an A4 page and will be available until the end of the Row a Long.

ALSO: Stop by at Seams to be Sew to enter the giveaways

Now, to our other Rowers for the day…

Monday, 19 September 2016

Noah's Ark Quilt

Today we're discussing the
Noah's Ark Quilt Week 6 and Week 7

The only reason I need to combine these 2 weeks together is because I drew lines on the design to make sections and it seems that Week 6 has a piece that extends into Week 7, so now Im going to combine them as one large piece.

For Week 6&7 you will need pattern pieces CB - CP & DI to DX.

Join the pieces to their corresponding number piece either with tape or glue. You will need to be careful if you used tape not to iron onto those pieces because it sticks to the iron. If you used glue, just make sure it's dry before sewing.

 Once you have made the section you can leave it one side to start on Week 7's section of the Ark

I just love these Geese!!

For Week 7's section you will make the cute Panda face and the monkey's arms and tail.

Now you will be able to join the sections together to form a more 'understandable' section....

NOTE: the piece CF's numbering should rather start at #5 and work 6 and 7 before sewing #1.

These photo's belong to Ulrike Brandl of Germany. They really are so lovely. Thanks so much for letting us all see your quilt in progress.

Once you have finished the pieces for Week 6 and Week 7 you  can sew it to the pieces from Week 4 and Week 5. Already starting to look Fantastic!!

Here I would like to show another amazing Noah's Ark quilt.

This one is being sewn together by Sunitha Pilli of the USA.

Just look at those vibrant solid fabrics. Really amazing!

Thanks for showing us your progress too. Its really beautiful!.


If you would like to join us for the Noah's Ark QAL
** The pattern can be found here and there is no charge for joining in...


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Friday, 16 September 2016

Friday Fun Day

Hello and welcome to another  
Friday Fun Day...

Today we have the second Spooky Mug Rug for you to grab over the week-end.

The Spooky MR measures 8" (20cm) and is on the easy intermediate level

 This cute little feller is also easy to make and looks really great with any kind of background fabric.


Again, he will disappear after the week-end, so hurry up and grab yours while you can...

Go to my Craftsy Shop and see him flying about scaring the other patterns.....

Now its your turn to show what you're working on, having fun with, ready to throw at the wall, anything really...

Link up and be merry.....
Visit a few, leave a comment, have fun!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

News on the Sock Race

Breaking news on the Amazing Sock Race....

Our contestants have lined up, had their group photo taken, inspected by the "race police" and all is set to be a great race....

 This one's a XL UK Man

All cat approved....

 A little pushing and shoving at the start line, a few unusual entrants and generally a wonky looking bunch....

So far we have 2 groups already past the half-way mark and we're waiting for the last group to catch up.....
Last chance to join and cross the finish line is the 30th September....

The pattern for the Wonky Christmas Stockings can be found HERE

** I'm having a GIVEAWAY at the end of the month and the first to produce a finished top of their Stockings with a photo in the Link Up will get a FREE Santa in the Chimney Pattern.

Link Up will happen on Friday 30 Sept.

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