Monday, 29 August 2016

Noah's Ark QAL Week 3

Hello and welcome

Thanks to everyone for all the lovely encouragement and wishes. I love you guys too!!
I'm also hoping for loads more interesting patterns this comming year....

Today I want to carry on with the Noah's Ark quilt a long.

We're already in our 3rd Week and I'm not even sure if anyone else out there is making the quilt along with me, its all very quiet....

For week 3 you will need to find pieces T - Z; AA - AK

Write onto your pieces if you're using a different colour.

Isn't this hippo just the cutest...
I just love him!

Thanks to Ulrike Brandl of Germany for all her photos.

 Once you're finished making this section, you can sew the pieces from week 1 and 2 to this piece.

Once pieces 1; 2 and 3 are sewn together, you will get an idea of the size of this quilt. This is roughly the halfway size (vertically)

This is already so sweet!
I hope you're enjoying sewing your Ark too.


PS: Ive finished the Festive Season magazine patterns....
Anyone want to try a little testing..... Must be able to finish the blocks by 25 September...

email me:

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday...

Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday's Fun!!

You know what....

I only realized this week......

That my Pattern business and Blog are 3 years old already.....

Jeepers, been so busy that I didn't even realize that the beginning of August was our Birthday!!

And.... because I love you guys, We are having a ....

               -------- >>>>

This pattern of (Nantucket Lighthouse) was sewn for me by Chris Hart of the UK. Thanks so much!!

The pattern measures 18x22" (45x57cm) and is on the Intermediate Level.
FREE!! for the week-end, along with the Birthday Cake Pattern!

Download your Cake PDF copy here..

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Work in Progress

Today I wanted to show something that I've been busy with for another Hop that will be on me one of these days.
I couldn't decide which direction to go in, so I had to make more than one submission using different techniques.

This AQUARIUM mini is only 8x12" so that I could get a better idea of what I wanted to make
Its raw edge applique using Heat n Bond to 'stick' down pieces. I didn't sew anything down because it was only supposed to be a "lets see" kind of work, but it ended up getting an edging and now its on my daughter's wall.

I wanted to create something like the old vintage pop art posters.
This is a Kelp Forest at the Aquarium with the sun shining down into it from above.

 A few years ago we took our kids to the huge aquarium in Cape Town and we stood in front of the glass watching the kelp sway back and foward. So peaceful and yet made me feel sea sick. My kids thought it was hysterical.

For the background I used 3 different fabrics that were all turquoise and aqua and had patterns on them that suited the aquarium look.

Here you can also see the sweet seals swimming and also the jellyfish.

I made the kelp in different colours to get a feeling of depth. The lightest ones are the furthest away from you and as they get closer to you they're darker.

This is the bottom half, and a large fish is hiding in the kelp. Im sorry I didnt make it darker. Oh and the starfish in the bottom right....

 For the rays of light shining down I found a white fabric that is so thin I don't even know how its legal....

I bought it at a dress fabric shop - hmmmm - what kind of dress etc would you make with that kind of fabric???

ANyway, I used it because it would be so see through and it worked out really great.

I think the whole thing was to figure out when to add the little animals and sea creatures  and how much kelp before it looked like a 'forest'...

Can anyone tell me -
I used EQ7 to make each of these 'motifs' I needed to use but each is seen as a sepparate 'pattern'. Is there a way in EQ that you can then take all your motifs and 'layer' them onto a quilt to see what it would look like all together in EQ.

The PDF Pattern for the Aquarium is part of my SEW CUTE patterns in Craftsy.

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Monday, 22 August 2016

Week 1 and 2 - Noah's Ark

Last week turned into such a computer etc disaster with our internet failing to connect more than it was working, I think eventually I just gave up and concentrated on the mountain of things that needed to be worked on and finished.

Okay, Deep breath, its a new week....

Back to our Week 1 and 2 of the Noah's Ark QAL

 Week 1 saw a begin on the flying geese -

Really not a lot of work, so we can move on to our Week 2 part of that section. The head of the smaller Giraffe.

For Week 2 you will need pattern pieces B - S

Ulrike Brandl of Germany made this quilt for me and I will be using her photos for the QAL. Thanks again Ulrike.

One thing to mention - she decided to reduce the size of her quilt and her Ark is smaller than the pattern but otherwise exactly the same.

Once you have completed your Week 2 piece, you can sew it to Week1.

I think once you see the cute face of the giraffe looking at you, you will want to finish all the sweet animals in a hurry.

If you would like to join us for the Noah's Ark QAL then you are most welcome. 

** The pattern can be found here and there is no charge for joining in...

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Start of our Noah's Ark Quilt A Long...


Today is the start of our Noah's Ark Art Quilt. 

This is a bigger quilt than our previous one, and measures 52 x 70" - all paper pieced and on the Easy Intermediate Level. The only thing hard about this one will be the determination to finish it...

This is our plan we will be following.

Instead of making a piece each week, I'm going to be taking this one really slow and we can make a piece each 2 weeks.

This will give anyone who also has a busy life time to join in and be able to also keep up. No rush with this one.

If you have an understanding of how paper piecing works and have already made a few beginner blocks etc, then Im not joking, you will be able to make this one too. Paper piecing always works the same way. It doesn't get any "harder". We all need to push ourselves to try new things and to improve our skills.

This Noah's Ark quilt top is made by Ulrike Brandl of Germany. She has graciously shared her photos with me and we will be using them to record all of the progress on this Quilt A Long.
Ulrike - Thank You so very much for everything you do for me. I love your quilt so much!! I wish I lived a little closer so that I could come over and give you a huge big hug. Thanks friend, this is so amazing!

** This is the top half of the Noah's Ark.
We start with Section #1 and you need to find pattern piece A.

Note: The software will cut some of the pattern pieces into smaller sections if it cannot fit onto the page when printing. You will notice that it says on some pieces (glue to #23 for example). You find all your pieces with corresponding numbers and then can use either sellotape or glue to stick these pieces together to make one piece of the pattern. You need to match up all the lines. If you use sellotape then remember not to iron over it later and if you use glue, make sure its dry before sewing that piece.

For section #1 we will make the flying geese and the sky. Its the top half of this photo.

The bottom half of the photo is Section #2 that we will all tackle once everyone is happy with our section #1.

You are more than welcome to go on ahead if you feel the pace is too slow for you. No problem.

The fabrics chart is in the pattern and you can either follow along with what is suggested OR you can change it to your own taste. Really up to you and not a problem...

If you would like to join us for the Noah's Ark QAL then you are most welcome. 

** The pattern can be found here and there is no charge for joining in...

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Mystery Block #8

I'm going to be adding the next Mystery Block to our line up today because Monday will be too busy with our Noah's Ark QAL start...

This year we are making a Symbolic Calendar - so each month we get a new mystery block to sew.

You don't get the design colour and numbering page, but you do get the instructions on how to sew the block together.

This is what we have so far....

Looking really amazing!

 This was our Mystery Block #7 in July.

I hope you all enjoyed sewing this one together.

 Our New Mystery #8 is available as a FREE GDrive PDF and is downloadable HERE

I also have a Mystery Block page where I will keep all the old mystery blocks and quick links to the patterns that you might have missed.

A link up button will also be added to the page where you are welcome to send me a photo of your finished mystery blocks or add them to the Flickr Group page

Thank you to everyone who joins in and shares their finished block for all to see!!


Have a Great Week-End!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Week #6 Ribbons QAL

Today is the last day of our Ribbons Quilt A Long!! Yaaay!
The last piece (pieces AQ - AT) is not very big at all and won't take a long time to finish.

This is the last section and now gets joined to pieces 4 and 5.

Once that's done, all that's left is to join the two halves and you're done with piecing the top together.....

Quick and easy!!

Now I just need to decide what kind of border I would like and then finish it all up.

I hope you all had fun sewing this Ribbons Art Quilt together.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Monday, 8 August 2016

Bitty Block - August

Today we have our Bitty Block mini for August...
Its a Silhouette of a Gymnast
The block measures 4.5" (11 cm) and is on the Intermediate level.

I've also included a 6" (15cm) pattern in this one.

I made a few options by changing up the fabric in the background.
They all look great!

The FREE pattern will be available in my Craftsy Shop.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 5 August 2016

Friday Fun Day!

Yesterday I had a fun time making one of the Wacky Birds 
from the Sew Cute Applique Patterns

 Its a whole lot easier than I thought it would be...
I first traced the mirrored image onto my Heat n Bond and then rough cut around each piece.
Each of the pieces only needed a mere scrap of fabric.

I ironed the piece of Heat n Bond to the wrong side of each colour fabric (only around 4 seconds) and then once cooled I cut out the pattern pieces.

I peeled off the paper from the backs and arranged the pieces as I want them to be. Somehow I still expect them to be sticky when I peel off the paper but it isnt....

Once happy I iron them down to the background fabric (only around 6 seconds)

The white seemed to be a little thin and showing her eyelashes from behind.....

 I actually took it back to the drawing board and made her some eye lids to complete her look.

Once done I cut batting and a backing fabric and then folded it around to the front to make an edge that was sewn to the front.

I done a little FMQ around the bird and on the very edge of the pieces.

I have a new mini quilt to add to my wall. Not bad for a first time doing raw edge applique....
I actually didn't know it was so much fun!!

And then...

Its the start of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil...

So I made a flag for the occasion
 Patterns are in my Craftsy Shop

And a FREE pattern of the Olympic flag too...

Feel free to link up what you have also been working on...

An InLinkz Link-up

Have a Great Week-End!


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