Friday, 2 December 2016

Day #2

Hi Friends

This is the Second day of our
12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!!

I hope you've all collected Day #1 yesterday...

Lets get going with today...

Ive randomly selected Piece #6 for today. You will get 24 hours to download it...

Marian is also going to wait 24hrs before she uploads her giveaway, so it will only be available a little later today.
Big time difference... world only spins that fast....

This is the cute house for today.
You're welcome to make the 'gingerbread' part any colour you like.
Pattern measures 10x14" and is on the Intermediate level

I hope you enjoy the pattern

Download your PDF HERE.....

Thats it! and now you're going to have to wait a tad, 
and then visit Marian at Seams to be Sew


Have a Great Day!
Come back Monday for more!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Start!!

Hello and Welcome to our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

For the next 12 days (without the weekends) I will be working with Marian from Seams to be Sew and we will be working on a combined giveaway each day.

I can't say if the time of the blog posting will be at the same time with Marian because we both live in very different time zones. I can say that each of the blocks we have for you all will be available for a 24 hour time period for you to grab.  So, look lively and enjoy the giveaways!!

***All fabric and colour info is in a PDF download and is through Google Drive
                   and available HERE....

Day #1

We're going to be moving in a random fashion through the Gingerbread Village and today we've landed on #3.

The pattern measures 10x14" and is on the Intermediate Level.

Yes, its paper pieced on my end (but of course!) and Marian will be adding her special brand of cute to each of the blocks.

Sorry closed now...


You can still download the Pattern Fabric Info....

then it's time to go and see what Marian at Seams to be Sew has in store for you....

Have a Great Day!
Come back tomorrow for more!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Block of the Month December

Today we're finishing off with our Block of the Month Adventures....

Thanks for sticking it out over the past year, I hope you have had as much fun as I have and tried a few of the blocks.

Our beginner block of the month has worked through getting to know paper piecing and becoming more confident in putting  blocks together and I'm hoping that a few of you will now move on to some of the more intermediate blocks too.

This was our block plan for the Beginner BOM this year and we've managed to finish them all off in time. My initial idea was to make something that was in Taupe colours with a bright accent colour added for a little pop.

Our Beginner Block for December:

The pattern is FREE and available in my Craftsy Shop.

I hope you enjoy sewing this block as much as all the others.


Our Wanderlust BOM for 2016 has also come down to the last block...

I hope you have all enjoyed your trip around the world with me and have sewn your blocks  to make either great pillows, wall hangings or part of an interesting quilt.

This last block is just as great as the others - we're in Canada! 
Our block is of the Toronto City Skyline with the CN Tower.

Our block measures 18" (47cm) and is FREE for December. 
I'll make the whole lot into an EBook in January.

Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop.

Our block was made by Kathy Trott of Canada. Thanks so much! These photos and the finished block is really amazing! 
 I love the fabric swatch plan that you used and the idea of keeping the photo close on your iPad while you're doing the planning is genius... I will be doing that from now on too...

 Once you've planned your block, you can lay the pieces of the pattern out in front of you - it really does give you a good visual of what you're doing and how the pieces will join together.

The block has opportunity to use up those fabrics that show off the glittering lights in the buldings...

This is Kathy's finished block.
Mind Blowing beautiful!

and that is it!
Finished with BOM for 2016...

Next year it seems we're going to be doing the Wild Babies starting on 2 January 2017.

I won't have another Beginner BOM - I will EBook the current Beginner BOM and have it available for those who would like to give it a 'try'.

I hope you enjoyed your trip and have made it safely back home in time for the Festive Season.


Have a Great Day!

Monday, 28 November 2016


Hello everyone...

I hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving had a good time!
Here its not a thing, but suddenly Black Friday is... and the stampede and elbowing and pushing etc to get something that was there all year round and now they suddenly need it.... Blows my mind....

I've added a few new patterns to my Craftsy Shop - these were patterns I had made but only got a chance to finish off lately.

This is the Silver Forest pattern. Its a wall hanging measuring 40x24"

This is the Modern Art Trees measuring 30x40". I wanted to make a modern art feel to the Autumn trees.

This is the Advent Calendar measuring 24x20". It would be really cute with fussy cuts for the windows or even fabric that has numbers on it.

All Patterns are available in my Craftsy Shop
Thanks for all the support!!

*** I will be posting the December Block of the Month on Wednesday (a day early) because Marian from Seams to be Sew and I have a HUGE surprise for you all -

We're having our 12 Days of Christmas from the 1 December until the 16 December (not on the weekends) and you will all be getting a FREE pattern a day for 12 days.....YaaaY!

 The pattern will only be available for 24 hours and then it will disappear....

Each day you will receive a random piece of the Gingerbread Village from me and then once you visit Marian, you will receive a Gingerbread man or something just as cute....

Don't Miss Out!!!


Have a Great Day!

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Hello to everyone!

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving - I hope you have a wonderful day!!

For the rest of us - it's Thursday.... that pesky day in the way of having Friday....

I have a FREE pattern for all of you - an Autumn Leaf...
Its 10" (26cm) and on the Intermediate Level.

Time to dig out the oranges, the yellows, the rust colour fabrics and have a little fun!

You can download the PDF HERE....

I have a 15% Coupon for you on my Payhip EBooks.... 
Will be available until 27 Nov. YaaaY!!

Coupon  Code: Thanksgiving16


Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Trees, Trees and a surprise

 Hi there

Ive been busy with my Geometric Trees, so this week the plan is to finish it.... not sure if that's wishful thinking yet... we'll see.

The plan here is to use up a lot of the red and green fabric scraps I have and see what the end result is... I usually can't do 'random' very well, but this time I'm not even looking at the fabric and colour chart. If the little colour box on the pattern section shows red, I have to just grab something red and same with the green. So far so good...

This is about a 1/3 of the way done, and now Im wondering if the tree fabrics should rather have been done in solids....

I'll have to wait until the other pieces are done to find out.

I've also been throwing ideas around for the BOM for next year....
This is the Wild Babies idea...

Is there something you would like to see done as the BOM? Let me know your ideas... Thanks

Have a Great Day!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Friday Fun Day

I can't believe its Friday already....

Ive been so busy with finishing patterns for the magazine in January and then realizing that it won't work out, so I started again with another 16 patterns....

Well at last I have the new patterns down for January, so now I need to beg for a few pattern testers...
These patterns are all on the easy intermediate level.... we're going for quick and easy this time round.

   **  Please send me an email if you have the time. I need a photo of the finished block
back by 23 December.... all 16 blocks are 12" (31cm).


Okay, so what are we going to do today then??

I was looking through all my files and I found that I have designed quite a few geometric styled patterns over the years...

We have the geometric Leaf, a Tiger, Polar bears, Trees, Reindeer, an Enchanted Forest, Pine cones, a Christmas Sock and a Seahorse....

Great for using up your scraps!


This is the Forest pattern I made for the Art with Fabric 2016...

My Forest Pattern is now available in my Craftsy Shop...


Thanks for stopping by!